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What is faith ?

“Faith, said Abelardus, is the opinion we have of hidden, non obvious realities”


Faith is a matter of questions and answers. Yogi Bhajan used to say “Don't believe what i'm saying, but experiment everything”. And it's a recurring attitude of spiritual Masters across time: they never believed what the religions of their time was imposing to believe.

Masters have no faith, masters have no answers, they just teach through questions. Questions help us go forward. Questions are open, they might be irrelevant in a particular context, but they pull us forward.

On the contrary, answers are closed. They are fooling us. Answers are just stucking us somewhere. Whatever the answer, be sure there is always a better one, a bit forward if you keep searching. Never trust an answer.


Faith is an answer. In the name of faith, some will slaughter many. And many will just fool around, unable to experiment the real flow of the creation, carrying around handfuls and bagfuls of answers, trying to preserve them. Even atheists are believers, and many can even be fanatic, freaking out badly, when just say “What is it we are experimenting ? What is the Divine ?”. You ask that, you are nor believing anything, but they do, and they get angry because you question their Faith.


Why do we so much like answers ? Our mental is an answering machine, building answers with other answers. It tend to make you anxious if you don't have an answer to a question. And this cognitive process is one of the most beautiful achievements of this universe. This is the Gift of Mankind, the forbidden fruit on the Tree of Knowledge, the original sin that let you crawl in the mud of faith.

It is so useful, powerful, fascinating. I like it when it solves problems. I like it even more when it confronts us with more questions. What is dark matter ? 80% of the mass of Universe. Unmanifested. What do you think you know ?


So it is that Spiritual Teachers reject worn out answers, and make it through... Jesus fought with the corrupted priests in the Temple, Nanak rejected both dominant religions, their books, rituals, definitions of God. All their answers. Did he gave new answers ? Well the Sikh Gurus told us things about God, but mostly they said what God is not.

But with time, and no living Guru to ask questions, and kick asses, this Teachings became a religion, with temples and books and rituals.

What about Dharma ? Looks like a set of answers... could even make sexy laws, huhh ? Dharma is just a set of questions, precious as such, confronting your own answers, your karmic loops. Never obey Dharma, always meditate on Dharma. But LISTEN, the situation is the teaching. Forget all answers, listen, and obey.


God can only be a question to your mental. Something your brains are just unable to embrace, be you a genius or a Guru. You experiment something so real in your heart, such a surge of Love you could die for, anytime. The word for it in english is God. But don't even use that word, for it comes with so much faith, believes, answers. This Divine Lover we can't name, for Names are misleading.


Sat Nam!